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Stainless Steel Press Release

Stainless Steel Press Release

WBMS has today released its first estimates of Stainless Steel production and consumption for 2015. Full country details are included in the WBMS on line database.

World stainless steel slab production was 41.6 Mt in 2015, 1.3% above the previous years. China accounted for 52% of global production, other Asia 22%, Europe 18% and others 8%.

Stainless Steel Production
% MT % of
2014 2015 Change Change Global Total
China 21.7 21.6 -0.6% - 0.1 51.9
Other Asia 9.0 9.1 +1.8% 0.1 21.9
Europe 7.6 7.6 +0.9% 0.1 18.3
Others 2.8 3.3 +16.0% 0.5 7.9

Total 41.0 41.6 +1.3% 0.6 100.0

World apparent consumption of stainless steel was 32.2 Mt, 1.5% above the previous years
Stainless Steel Consumption
% MT % of
2014 2015 Change Change Global Total
China 14.0 14.3 +1.7% 0.3 44.5
Other Asia 7.7 7.7 +0.8% - 23.9
Europe 6.5 6.4 -0.6% - 0.1 19.9
Others 3.5 3.7 +6.0% 0.2 11.5

31.7 32.2 +1.5% 0.5 100.0

The global consumption was 77% of production in both years. The difference is mainly yield losses.
The production figures are slab production and consumption is in terms of products e.g. plates, sheet, strip and long products.

In 2015 China accounted for 45% of global consumption, other Asia 24%, Europe 20% and others 11%.
In broad terms Asia accounted for nearly 75% of global production and nearly 70% of consumption.

Dated 29th February 2016

The above data are taken from World Metal Statistics Stainless steel database.

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Whilst every effort is made to ensure the accuracy and validity of the information contained in this release WBMS and its Board of Directors can accept no responsibility for any losses incurred as a direct result of any actions based on conclusions drawn from the data.

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